Organising a Halloween Party.

The Origins of Halloween.

October the 31st Halloween, is a celebration that dates back as far as 2000 years, and even back then organising a Halloween party was a thing. It’s origins are from Ireland and the Celts and was known as Samhain. And since beginning has evolved into trick or treat, and a party time for both children and adults. In fact, the common name ‘Halloween’ came about in the eighth century when Pope Gregory the III decreed November the first being All Saints Day, and there was born ‘All Hallows Eve’, roughly translated the night before the hallowed, later becoming Halloween.

Planning and Organising a Halloween Party

The first thing to consider when organising a Halloween party is the decorations. Black and orange being the primary colour scheme of things. And of course, don’t forget all things spooky, bats, spiders, cobwebs and the old classic, pumpkins. A key tip when it comes to pumpkins, if you are going to carve your own pumpkin you may want to consider using the contents to make pumpkin pie, there are plenty of recipes online on how to make it. When planning and organising a Halloween party, it is a given that it will be fancy dress, whether you opt for an all out makeover as a zombie or rent a costume from a fancy dress shop, or just grab and old sheet and cut two eyes in it to make a ghost, dressing up is all part of the fun of a Halloween party. Make sure when you invite your guests you let them know it is a fancy dress party.

Food for a Halloween Party.

When it comes to food for a Halloween party, the spookier the better, again you can source many recipes online, such as deviled eggs done as eyeballs, making cakes in the shape of witches fingers, bloody salsa dip, and a classic is to set chocolate mice in green jelly, whatever you opt for, presentation is also key, so opting for themed tableware to go with it, and if you are serving punch, consider using a witches cauldron.  Baffin’s Farm Catering is more than happy to provide all your catering needs for your party, and we are not limited to Halloween, whatever the party or event we can provide you with a themed catering service, simply get in touch to find out more.

organising a halloween party

Making sure your Halloween Party is Successful.

To ensure your Halloween party goes with a bang, make sure that when you invite your guests you request them to RSVP, also follow up the day before, as a gentle reminder and to confirm the numbers, people live busy lives and sometimes forget. Don’t leave it to last minute for sourcing decorations, ingredients, costumes, etc. Planning ahead is key. You may also want to schedule some games for your party, to keep both the adults and children engaged such as apple bobbing or even spooky storytelling. And if you have a smart device or even a smartphone, put together a spooky playlist to set the mood. Finally, have lots of spooky fun.


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