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New Year’s Party Catering

Planning a New Year’s Party

There is nothing better than to bring in the New Year with friends and family, and the more the merrier, enjoying the countdown from 10 to popping the cork and welcoming in the better, brighter future with all those well-intentioned New Year resolutions, but really who wants to cook and cater when they can party? The answer, Baffin’s Farm Catering.

We can provide everything you need to ensure your New Year’s party goes off and ends with a bang, (excluding fireworks), from delicious canapes, finger foods and amazing desserts. And the great thing is it can be anytime, whether you are celebrating a mid-Christmas / New Year celebration, for family or even at work.


A Range of New Year’s Party Catering Menus

We have an extensive range of menus that are suitable for New Years Party catering, we provide plates and napkins and even better still, no washing up involved. All our food is prepared fresh and delivered directly to you or your choice of venue and should you not see what you like, we are more than happy to produce a custom menu to suit you and your New Year’s party guests.

Other than the New Year’s Party catering of which we can cover for you, there are other elements you may want to consider when arranging your event, firstly the dress code, smart or casual? Then there is seating, not everyone wants to stand up for the duration so making sure you have enough chairs is important, always a good time to dust off the patio chairs and bring in. And as it is cold, everyone will be turning up in their winter coats, so dedicating a room to store these in would ensure less clutter in the party rooms. (Living room and kitchen.). You also may want to follow up with everyone a day or two before to confirm they are coming, it’s a busy time of year and people just may forget, so a quick call or text to gently remind them of your up and coming New Year’s party. And finally, make sure to have loads of fun.

Arrange Your New Year’s Party Catering Today

So why not get in touch with us today to arrange your New Year’s Party catering and have one less job to do, on 0782 515 6825 or alternatively fill out our contact form at and we will get straight back to you.

Festive Feasts Made Easy.

Christmas Catering in Portsmouth.

Including Chichester and West Sussex

When it comes to Christmas catering in Portsmouth, Chichester, West Sussex and surrounding areas, Baffin’s Farm Catering have you covered. Catering at Christmas doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you can choose from our Christmas Menus for a delicious festive feast.

Whether you are arranging a Christmas party for your office, a corporate Christmas celebration or a family get together over the Christmas period, Baffin’s Farm Catering have the perfect Christmas menu to meet everyone’s’ tastes and dietary requirements. From pigs in blankets to Christmas pudding our Christmas Cold Buffet menu and Christmas Hot Dinner Menu are guaranteed to get you in the ‘Giving Mood’ and with no washing up involved, what could be better!

A Choice of Christmas Menus.

We have a choice of Christmas Menus, a Christmas Cold Buffet from £8.00 Per Head and a Christmas Hot Dinner menu starting from £15.50 per head. Our Christmas Cold Buffet features such festive classics as pigs in blankets on sticks, assorted festive cakes and the most delicious homemade sandwiches featuring such fillings as turkey, cranberry and brie. We also include festive paper plates and napkins to get you in the Christmas mood. All delivered to your venue at your appointed time.

Want something a little hotter? Our Christmas Hot Dinner Menu offers Christmas classics such as Turkey accompanied with roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, festive roasted parsnips, stuffing, gravy and what Christmas dinner is not complete without cranberry sauce. We even provide a vegetarian option of roasted vegetable Wellington. And for dessert, a Christmas pud or mince pie served with cream or custard. All this from £15.50 per head. Included in the price is all crockery, cutlery, napkins, table service including clearing of plates between courses.

A Different Christmas Catering Choice.

You can see our Christmas Menus on our Menu page here. And if none of it floats your boat, we are more than happy to provide something a little different. Our expert chefs can put together a custom menu to suit you, whether traditional or not. We are more than happy to give you that personal touch and of course if you want to opt for a mix of hot and cold Christmas menus we can do that too. Our Christmas menus are for a minimum of 15 people, and as these prove to be very popular, contact us today to avoid disappointment and arrange your Christmas celebration in advance.

Christmas Catering Portsmouth, West Sussex and Chichester made easy, book today.

Food Glorious Food!

Glorious Finger Food that is!

What is there not to love about finger food in all its glory! Easy to pick up, easy to handle and delicious to eat! No need for knives and forks and if you are just picking, no need for plates! Of course, that doesn’t stop you stockpiling your plate with a mouth-watering selection of savoury treats. All in all, finger foods are possibly one of the most popular choices for parties, celebrations and even corporate events.

So what constitutes finger food? Quite simply something that can be picked up with one hand, ideally two fingers, (hence the name.) and can be eaten straight off without too much mess. So, this rules out soup and spaghetti. Ideal finger foods include cocktail sausages, bite-size sandwiches, mini pork pies, cheeses and many other savoury snacks and delights.

Specialising in Finger Food Catering.

Baffin’s Farm catering specialises in finger food catering in the Portsmouth and surrounding areas. We have a wide choice of finger food selections for any occasion these include selections of freshly prepared sandwiches, deliciously sweet and savoury grape and brie sticks, chicken satay sticks, quiche slices and mini ham and cheese pizzas to name but a few. You can see a full range of our delicious finger food menus we have to offer here.

Should you not see what you fancy or have an idea of the perfect finger food for your event we would be more than happy to create it for you and your guests. All our finger food menus are sample menus so feel free to pick and mix and let us create a truly custom finger food experience for your guests and starting at just £4.00 per head there is something for everyone.


Interesting Fact: Retro Finger Food.

One of the most popular finger foods of the 80’s was the cheese and pineapple hedgehog. This was basically a grapefruit or melon cut in half, wrapped in tinfoil and then filled with cocktail sticks laden with pieces of cheese and pineapple, the more exotic hedgehogs even had pickled onions and hot dog chunks included. Although dated, it is still very popular at some parties today with children and adults alike.


Business Lunch Catering in Chichester

Business Lunch Catering in Chichester.

A typical business lunch is traditionally pretty boring, whether it be shop bought sandwiches or microwaved samosas, onion bhajis or an array of scotch eggs and other nibbles. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, Baffin’s Farm Catering provide business lunch catering in Chichester with an amazing choice of options to fill you up, impress your staff and any VIP guests you may have.

Our wide choice of menus allows you to choose what is best for your business lunch, from delicious hot fork menus to freshly made sandwich platters, all delivered directly to your workplace. And when you consider the costs, we are highly competitive as to having to arrange, fetch and prepare your own, for instance, our Finger Buffets are from as little as £4.00 per head!

Affordable Business Lunch Catering.

Our business lunch catering in Chichester is not just limited to lunchtimes, we can provide food at any time of the working day for you. So if you have an early morning training session or meeting our breakfast menu’s are the ideal choice and again starting from as little as £4.00 per head for the perfect workplace breakfast.

So, whether it is a training session in the workplace, a special works meeting or business celebration, even entertaining and feeding those all important clients, opting for our business lunch catering packages is the perfect way of ensuring good quality, fresh food is served without the hassle.

Choose the Perfect Business Lunch for You.

Our business catering services are available from 10 people up to 150. Perfect for the smallest or largest of meetings, we can even offer catering for your corporate events and provide food as well as service throughout the day should you so wish. You can combine, mix and match or if you don’t see what you are looking for, we are more than happy to provide a personal, customised catering service for your business meeting or corporate event. All our business lunch options are served with plates and serviettes where applicable, so one less thing to worry about, letting you get on with your working day.

To find out more about our business lunch catering in Chichester and our corporate event catering services, contact us today on 0782 515 6825. Alternatively, fill out our contact form at and we will get right back to you.

Corporate Catering in Portsmouth

Specialists in Corporate Catering in Portsmouth & Chichester.

Baffin’s Farm Catering specialise in business lunch catering in Portsmouth, Chichester and surrounding areas. From a simple business lunch sandwich platter to a hot fork menu. Whatever your business lunch catering needs we can provide you with the perfect lunch for you, your employees and or important guests. Allowing you to get on with business and feel energised from our delicious and freshly prepared business lunches.

Business Lunches in Portsmouth Delivered Direct.

Take the hassle out of preparation, save time and cut out any disruption. All our business lunches are provided with plates and napkins where applicable, so no nonsense on cleaning up afterwards. Our business lunches are delivered direct to your premises and with a wide range of business lunch menus there is something for everyone. So why settle for shop bought sandwiches or supermarket packaged foods when you can have freshly prepared, delicious food delivered direct to you taking out any of the inconveniences of having to organise yourself and allowing you to get on with your day.

Corporate Catering in Portsmouth… Taken Care of

As well as catering for business lunches in Portsmouth, Chichester and surrounding areas. We also provide catering for corporate events. Again, choose from our business lunch sandwich platters or choose our hot fork buffet. Whatever your choice, we can mix and match your corporate event catering to suit your needs. Our corporate event menus also include delicious finger foods, ideal for picking at. And we also have a great range of fruit and mouth-watering desserts. Our corporate catering in Portsmouth is available for up to 150 attendees.

Choose your Menu Today.

You can see our full range of business lunch menus and our corporate catering menus here. And should we not have the perfect business lunch or corporate menu to suit you. We are more than happy to put together something that will meet your needs, feed your employees and impress your VIP guests and attendees. Simply drop us a message or give us a call and we will be most happy to customise your catering.


Planning the Perfect Summer Party in Portsmouth.

Summer Parties Made Easy

Summer is certainly a mixed bag, we either are blessed with sunshine or torrential rain, so when it comes to planning the perfect summer party in Portsmouth, it is important to take this into consideration as well as plenty of other elements to ensure of its success.

Planning for the Great British Weather.

Forward planning is a key element. Firstly, have a backup plan should the weather take a turn for the worse. A gazebo or even a marque will provide shelter from the elements should there be nowhere for your guests to take refuge. Also having a covered area protects your invitees from getting too much sun. Ensure you have plenty of seating for people, especially elderly guests, the perfect summer party should cater for everyone’s comfort.

Consider the Children!

If you are inviting young ones, consider having some activities for them to do, whether you want to hire a children’s entertainer or simply having some garden toys for them to play with. Budget permitting you could even stretch to a bouncy castle or giant fun toys such as Jenga and Connect 4. All of these tend to be popular with the adults as well.

Catering for a Summer Party.

When it comes to catering for your perfect summer party in Portsmouth, Baffin’s Farm Catering completely understands on how to get this right. Knowing if your guests have special dietary requirements such as allergies or if they are vegan, ensures that everyone is catered for. There is nothing worse for someone turning up to a summer party with little or no variety of what they can eat, so it is worth checking with everyone beforehand. It is also said that variety is the spice of life, so providing an extensive range of food options can liven up everyone’s eating experience.

Choosing a Caterer for your Summer Party.

If you do want to avoid all the hassles of shopping for ingredients, time-consuming preparation and of course the washing up. Then we can cater for your every culinary need. We even supply napkins and plates where applicable. For a simple summer party, you may want to just opt for our sandwich platters, all freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep. Add an option of our stunning and delicious desserts. And if you really want to impress your guests, our summer BBQ option will dazzle and delight. You can see our full range of Summer Party Menu options here.
Whether you want to throw a large or small summer party. Keep it simple or action-packed and elaborate. Planning the perfect summer party is certainly about the planning. Taking time to consider all your options for seating, cover, catering and entertainment will ensure your summer party will be a success.
If you would prefer us to do the catering, whilst you and your guests get on with the fun, feel free to give us a call Andy on 0782 515 6825 or fill out our contact form and we will be more than happy to help.

Yacht Catering in Portsmouth and Surrounding Areas

Yacht Catering in Gun Wharf, The Hamble and Warsash.

Nothing gets you hungrier than the fresh salt air of the sea. And why spend your time in the galley when Baffin’s Farm Catering take care of your food for you, your crew and your guests with our yacht catering services in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Our yacht catering services extend to a 20-mile radius area of Portsmouth, this includes yacht catering services in Gun Wharf, The Hamble and Warsash. To name but a few.

We have a wide range of Yacht catering menus available. To be enjoyed anytime of the day and if there is nothing that takes your fancy. Don’t worry we can make a bespoke yacht catering menu that suits your dietary and taste bud requirements. In fact, whatever it is that you fancy we can accommodate, so don’t hesitate to drop us a message or give us a call.

Unfortunately, we don’t deliver out to sea, but we do deliver to your yacht. You can choose from crew lunches to a deluxe racing lunch which is freshly prepared and individually bagged.  Whatever your in-harbour yacht catering needs are. Just give us a heads up a week beforehand if possible and we will deliver direct to your ‘doorstep’, well boarding ramp to be more accurate. And you have the peace of mind that your yacht catering has been freshly prepared using local ingredients and done so with lovingly care.

So, what better way to start your day with our Yacht Breakfast from £5.00 per person or satisfy your hunger pangs with our afternoon tea cakes selection. In fact, we can deliver everything to get your through the day from breakfast to supper time, allowing you to enjoy your sailing, knowing all your yachting catering needs are taken care of.

To find out more about our yacht catering services in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, why not call us on 0782 515 6825. Fill out our contact form. Or even visit our Facebook Page at and leave us a message. And whatever your yacht catering needs we will be more than happy to meet.

Business Lunch Catering in Chichester – Testimonial

Business Lunch Catering in Chichester

Langmead Farms Calling

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for providing our Business Lunch yesterday.

The guests were very pleased with the beautifully presented and tasty food.

I was also pleased with the service provided prior to the event and indeed afterwards

I have shared your information with my business colleagues and we will certainly be using BAFFIN’S CATERING again.

Langmead Farms – Ham Farm, Main Rd, Bosham, Chichester PO18 8EH

This is one of many wonderful catering testimonials we have received regarding our business lunch catering service in Chichester for Langmead Farms. And as you can see from our business lunch catering video above, we deliver, delicious, freshly prepared food to wow your employees and clients. So, if you are looking for the best business lunch catering in Chichester, Portsmouth or surrounding areas then make Baffin’s Farm Catering your number one choice. You can see our business lunch menus and other catering choices from summer buffets to BBQ catering at Whatever your event or occasion we can accommodate your every catering need. And if you cannot see what you fancy. Or have special dietary or catering needs we customise our menu to ensure you get exactly what you want without compromise on freshness or deliciousness.

Freshly Prepared and Delivered to you Direct.

All our food is prepared fresh and delivered to your event. No matter how small or big, from weddings to business lunches. We pride ourselves on providing the very best catering options and Baffin’s Farm Catering will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. Why settle for anything less than the best! If you would like us to cater for your event, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation quote. So if you are looking for deliciousness direct to your door, fill out our contact form at of give us a call on 0782 515 6825.

We will be more than happy to help.


Summer BBQs and Summer Buffets in Portsmouth

Summer BBQs and Summer Buffets in Portsmouth

What perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, party or even a corporate event with a summer BBQ in Portsmouth. Even Wedding Day’s can be made that extra special with a catered BBQ for your wedding guests. Of course, here at Baffin’s Farm Catering we understand the importance in the planning and the execution of the perfect BBQ. Who wants a burnt sausage? No one!

So, when you book a summer BBQ in Portsmouth with Baffin’s Farm Catering you are in the safest of hands, our executive BBQ chef’s (Grill-Chief’s) will ensure that your BBQ is cooked to perfect, from the tastiest of sausages to delicious burgers, from man-sized steaks to delicately grilled fish. Whatever your option for a summer BBQ in Portsmouth, you can enjoy all the fun whilst we serve up the most delicious food ever. And if a Summer BBQ in Portsmouth is not your cup of tea, then why not try our mouth-watering summer buffets in Portsmouth or even both!

Our Summer Buffets in Portsmouth

Another perfect solution is our catering for summer buffets in Portsmouth, this is either a great standalone catering solution or can be coupled with our summer BBQ package. We will supply you with platters of delicious freshly prepared food for your and your guests to delve into. We offer an entire range of sandwiches and platters for the perfect Summer party, and you can either eat them inside or outside depending on the weather. Choose from trays of delicious sandwiches, succulent finger foods and indulgent deserts. Whatever your choice we can cater for the perfect summer buffet.

Check out our Summer BBQ and Summer Buffet Menus

You can see our summer BBQ and summer buffet selections on our Baffin’s Farm Catering menu page. And should you not find the perfect BBQ or summer buffet menu, we are more than happy to oblige you with your own personal choices, tailor-made to suit you and your guests. Simply give us a call on 0782 515 6825. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form at and we will pander to your desires. And of course our summer BBQs and summer buffets are not limited to Portsmouth, we also supply summer BBQs and summer buffets to all surrounding areas including Hampshire areas covering Havant, Hayling Island, Gosport, Emsworth, Bosham, Chichester, Lavant, Bognor Regis, Horndean, Petersfield, Liss, Liphook, Fareham, Titchfield, Hamble le Rice, Warsash, Swanwick, Swanmore, Whiteley, Hedgeend, Wickham, Denmead, Waterlooville, Hambledon, Alton, Selbourne and Bordon to name just a few and should you not see your area, contact us and we will be most happy to let you know if we can cater for your special occasion, party or corporate event.

Caterer in Bognor Regis

Caterer in Bognor Regis

Baffin’s Farm catering are proud to be a cater in Bognor Regis, from hot fork buffets to Summer BBQ catering. Bognor Regis is certainly famous for its seaside and is located on the south coast of England. A mere stone’s throw away from London and west of Brighton with a population of just over 24,000 people. One of Bognor’s accolades is that it was names ‘Sunniest Town in Britain’ receiving an average of over nineteen hundred hours of sunshine. That is a LOT of sun!

Popular Catering in Bognor Regis

One of our most popular catering in Bognor Regis packages is our BBQ package, allowing you to get on with the fun whilst we do all the

cooking. And what better way to soak up all those sunny hours as the sunniest town in Britain! So, if you are looking for a caterer in Bognor Regis who can deliver the perfectly cooked sausage, barbecued chicken or steak to die for! (Not from.) then Baffin’s Farm Catering can ensure you have the perfect BBQ whilst you enjoy the sun. Of course, we are not just limited to providing BBQ catering in Bognor Regis, in fact we have a wide variety of catering services. Including Wedding Catering, our delicious platters are the perfect accompaniment to make your perfect day that extra special. We also provide corporate catering for businesses, why settle for anything less than freshly prepared sandwiches for your business meetings or training days.




Choice of Catering in Bognor Regis

Whatever your choice of catering in Bognor Regis, Baffin’s Farm Catering delivers the very best, both in taste and freshness. All our sandwiches and platters are freshly prepared, so whether you choose from our hot fork buffet or our finger buffet. You are guaranteed full on taste. You can see our full range of catering menus for Bognor Regis on our Baffin’s Farm Menu page. And should you not find something suitable for your taste buds, we are more than happy to put together a customised catering menu for your special occasion or event. In fact, whatever your catering in Bognor Regis needs, we are most happy to accommodate. Simply give us a call on 0782 515 6825. Or alternatively fill out our contact form at and we will be in touch to help you choose your perfect catering.